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We understand that managing telecom network assets, both operational and obsolete, can be a huge burden for organisations all over the world. To help simplify the process, we offer a wide range of telecom network asset recovery services to ensure you recover maximum residual value from your new and used networking equipment. All of our telecom network asset recovery services are available either individually or packaged into a turnkey solution.

Fully-managed asset recovery

Take advantage of our fully-managed telecom asset recovery services

Here at Aetrio Technology, we love going the extra mile for our customers. From the initial opportunity analysis through to parts sortation, tracking and resale, our dedicated asset recovery team will work with you to create a turnkey program to suit your individual requirements and achieve the best outcomes. Our flexible approach means that we can provide a service or combination of services that’s right for you.

How does it work?

With our fully-managed telecom asset recovery service, every detail is taken care of.

Explained simply: we can de-install, transport, catalogue, refurbish, sanetize data, test & repair, store, remarket and resell your telecom network equipment. You’ll have total visibility of your assets and the opportunity to recall any parts that you may still require. Where equipment has no further market value or cannot be refurbished, our environmentally friendly WEEE recycling service is available.

Why is it important?

Telecom asset recovery provides a brilliant way for businesses to streamline their inventory, freeing up capital and valuable footprint. It also leads to a positive impact on the environment and in many cases, opens up new avenues of generating revenue. Innovations are frequent in the telecom industry, however, older technologies remain in use and still have value. If you have networking equipment which would otherwise depreciate and might not be used again, we want to hear from you

What are the benefits of this service?

  • Asset recovery is a fantastic way to support the circular economy and fulfil your sustainability goals
  • We provide fair market valuations of equipment based on real-time data and market knowledge
  • Each part is identified by OEM part number, serial number and hardware release
  • We can store your equipment until it’s sold or recycled
  • Data wiping, destruction and documented procedures are on offer according to client instruction
  • Maximise the value of your assets using our global team and end-user direct sales channels
  • Outright purchase or revenue share (consignment based) commercial models are available
  • Reduce CAPEX by offsetting revenue generated against purchases of new equipment
  • Reduce OPEX by eliminating warehousing costs of obsolete inventory
  • Reduce power consumption on redundant assets and free up PoP (point of presence) footprint
  • Minimise obsolescence costs by converting your assets into re-usable inventory, raw material or cash
  • Reuse critical parts from your own spare parts inventory, saving you time and money
  • Get real-time reporting on revenue, inventory, projects, call-backs, sales and valuations via the i-TRAC customer portal

Find out a little more about us

  • We have an experienced team of de-installation engineers who can be deployed internationally
  • We can recover telecoms equipment ranging from a single BTS to a full switch site clearance
  • Our activities are carried out in line with regulatory legislation
  • We’re certified by EcoVadis for our CSR credentials
  • We provide full WEEE reporting and compliance
  • Our large multilingual sales team trade with customers globally to obtain the optimum price for your telecom network equipment

We can fully customise our services mix for each individual client

To find out what our acclaimed asset recovery services can do for you, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Fully-managed asset recovery

Recover maximum residual value from your new & used networking equipment

De-installation & decommissioning

We specialise in managing complex reverse logistics programmes for telcos

Identification & Warehousing

Gain complete visibility & control of your telecom network assets

Redeployment & resale

Our team expertly catalogue every item to build up a complete picture

Data wiping & destruction

Secure data wiping & hard drive destruction services is absolutely key

WEEE recycling

Our comprehensive recycling service reduces your carbon footprint

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