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Quality Assurance

100% Visual Checking of Final Products

All finished wire harnesses are 100% visually checked for conformity of measurements, appearance, labeling, etc.

In-process Quality Assurance

Besides operator’s self check at every stage, full-time QA staff routinely conduct selective tests on the spot to make sure all technical requirements are strictly met. Improvement or corrective action is immediately implemented when needed.

100% Visual Checking of Final Products

We only use monitored suppliers and select high quality components to ensure the excellence of our products. All procured material and components are checked before being used for production. Material certificates from supplied when required.

100% Electrical Continuity Testing

We have computerised back-wired form-boards for each type of harness. All sub-assemblies are 100% tested for electrical continuity. All finished harnesses are 100% tested for electrical continuity.

We want your difficult to repair IT hardware equipment

Have you got a hardware spare part lying around that’s damaged or it’s known to be difficult to repair? Perhaps another repair house deemed it unrepairable? Well, we want it! To celebrate World Environmental Health day we’re running an exciting repair challenge for new clients. All you need to do is send us your hard-to-repair part and our expert repair team will work their magic on it for you at a 50% discount. If we can’t repair it, we promise your next repair service with us will be completely free.
How it works
1. Tell us about us your hard-to-repair part
2. Get it repaired at half the standard price
3. If not, get your next repair service FREE!
Please free feel to contact us about hardware repair!

Know About Our Brand Partnerships

Aetrio Technology is the top-tier IT hardware supplier, working ollaboratively with a wide range of leading tech manufacturers for complete IT Hardware Solutions.
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